When adding translations please correctly specify:

  1. translation Link [including the "http://" at the start]
  2. Language(s) [if language is not in the list get in touch]

When adding songs, please check the relevant resources to correctly specify:

  1. song Title [alternative title in curved brackets "()"]
  2. Genre(s) [...things like Polkas, Marchas, Pasodobles and Tango nuevo goes in "Otros Ritmos"]
  3. Composer(s) [separated by a spaced forward slash " / "]
  4. Lyricist(s) [separated by a spaced forward slash " / "]
  5. Year of composition [if in doubt, choose earliest date]


Quick search

The translators, languages and genres views have buttons to find songs or translations filtered by these properties.

The songs view has a button linking to an automated YouTube search of the song.


The translation view presents each link as a button. Hover your mouse over it to see a tooltip with the link destination.

In addition, each translation buttons indicating the status of each translation link. To re-check the translation link, click on the button. The different buttons specify translations that...

  • are active and accessible
  • fail the check due to accessibility issues (e.g. translations on Facebook)
  • cannot be found


Each individual item has access to 3 actions:
  • view
  • edit
  • remove


  • Todo Tango, great archive of info. First resource to find your song info!
  • Tango Info, my second stop if TodoTango does not have full info on the song.
  • SADAIC, useful if neither of the above have info on the composer/lyricist or year. Bear in mind it is not only for tango lists first the family name and then proper name.
  • Hermano Tango, the place to go if you want to find a song to translate.

Admin rights

You don't need admin rights to:

  • Add translations (please specify the language correctly)

You do need admin rights to:

  • Add/edit/delete songs, translation languages, translators
  • Edit/delete translations